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Quando qui in Australia parlo delle mie origini salentine, spesso conoscono e apprezzano la "mia" terra con il suo mare fantastico, le Chiese in stile barocco, i paesaggi mozzafiato, gli ulivi secolari, il cibo buono e sano, e tanto tanto altro ancora, perchè questa meravigliosa terra è piena di storia e di risorse.E' una terra dai valori importanti, l'unione e la forza della gente che ci vive ti accoglie come se fossi una persona di famiglia facendoti conoscere le origini e le meraviglie di questa Terra.Nei mesi estivi nel Salento si respira appieno il profumo del mare e dei suoi prodotti tipici.Anche quest'anno è stato premiato con la bandiera blu 2018 [La bandiera blu è un riconoscimento conferito dalla FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education)...

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" It's Been A Day" by Brooke

  7:32 am     “The babies are awake” Henry says. “It’s your turn” I grumble. For a few minutes, I drift back off to sleep, until I hear the sound of laughter moving down the hall. I open my eyes and shout “Good Morning my babies!” Four pudgy hands reach out lovingly to touch my face, pull my hair and poke my eye, my face is the first casualty of the day. We wrestle the kids to keep them from falling off the edge of the bed and/or strangling themselves with cell phone chargers. Graham starts whining for breakfast and Lilly screams because “Mommy’s apple watch is not a toy.”8:00 am Breakfast    Strawberry yogurt is good for babies, right?...

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Motherhood. The most beautiful thing you will ever experience yet, how can it feel so lonely sometimes? When you’ve been up in the middle of the night with a baby that won’t sleep, feeding, pumping and repeating while your husband is snoring next to you. Your other kids asleep in their bed and all is dark outside because the rest of the world is also asleep, it can feel lonely. Like you are the only one not sleeping. When you go on social media after a sleepless night and you see all these lovely ladies out at brunch or on a girls trip, looking all cute and put together while you are sitting there in your husbands old sweater. Greasy...

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"My Birth Story… Our little Angel is HERE!" By Cassidy

Giving birth may be the most athletic event of your life    Happy 2 months today to our sweet Viv, Vivi, Vivian Cruz! Truth is, I’ve had this post written for roughly 3 weeks. However, I have been tweaking the post and having second thoughts on sharing. Last month was cesarean awareness month and similar to any mama in the postpartum stage I feel emotional. I’m also aware of other mama’s out there that may not have had the labor/delivery of their choice. Regardless if you did or did not, I love you all and respect each of you for your strength and courage of becoming a mom. This was the hardest journey of my entire life. We are all...

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  image-45In a perfect world our children wouldn’t scream, cry, kick or scatter messes throughout the home. Our hair would be cleanly styled everyday and our home would be magically clean all the time. We’d come down the stairs every morning feeling like we’re floating on clouds instead of walking zombies. Instead of feeding on humans we feed on caffeine multiple times a day. Those things are all nice and stuff, but not real life.The best thing about all of that is we’re not alone. We’re all just trying to keep up and do the best we can. As a result of our chaotic life that surrounds us, we feel the need to apologize for it. We have this constant...

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