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" It's Been A Day" by Brooke


7:32 am 
    “The babies are awake” Henry says. “It’s your turn” I grumble. For a few minutes, I drift back off to sleep, until I hear the sound of laughter moving down the hall. I open my eyes and shout “Good Morning my babies!” Four pudgy hands reach out lovingly to touch my face, pull my hair and poke my eye, my face is the first casualty of the day. We wrestle the kids to keep them from falling off the edge of the bed and/or strangling themselves with cell phone chargers. Graham starts whining for breakfast and Lilly screams because “Mommy’s apple watch is not a toy.”

8:00 am Breakfast
    Strawberry yogurt is good for babies, right? If not I’m an awful mom because that's what we’ve been having for breakfast all week. Bob & Sheri play from my iPhone while I race Graham’s pacifier to his mouth. I miss his mouth, he grabs the spoon. The yogurt soars through the air. I see that my shirt will be the second casualty of the day. Meanwhile, Lilly is testing gravity with her cup. 

8:23 am 
    The fun has now moved to the nursery. Both babies fight me in the battle of the diaper change. I win but they have now resorted to throwing the clothes I had picked out for them to prove they will go down swinging. 

8:48 am  
     The two tiny dictators are now dressed.

8:50 am - 11:20 am
    We start Moana (again) in the playroom. I finally have a minute to pee. I snuggle babies. Play catch with Graham. Let Lilly wave to everyone on Instagram. Graham screams when I leave the room. I wipe tears and comfort both babies, reassuring them that the world is not over and that I wont leave them ever again. More catch. More snuggles. Graham pulls my hair. Lilly gives me kisses. Graham says momma 7 times. Lilly pokes me in the eye. Is it lunch time yet???

11:30 am Lunch
​    I pop the leftover Chicken Pot Pie in the microwave and try to convince myself that I will drink a protein smoothie after they go down for a nap. They are screaming from the dining room. I throw a handful of Goldfish on their highchair trays and try to cool off the molten food. 


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