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Jaclyn Deleon about Tribes shop





Tribes is not only a brand but a community who grows up everyday with mom sharing their passion for fashion and kids. Jaclyn Deleon is one of them and today she wanted to share her thought about Tribes Shop : 

 " How cute are these BEST FRIENDS tees from the Tribes Shop!!  I love matching with the kiddos and this shop has the best matching tees!  They carry everything from mommy and me dresses to couples matching tops and even cute accessories.  I love their affordable pricing and everything comes with FREE shipping ! "




"Not only do I love the Tribes Shop cute tees but I love everything they stand for!  They have teamed up with Children.org to help children living in poverty.  A portion of every tee shirt sold goes to help a child eat and go to school.  How cool is that!!  A company that not only makes cute tees but also gives back to the community! "

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